Sandro Giampietro ist not only vocalist, guitar player, songwriter, and producer. The son of a jazz singer and a drummer sings and plays guitar since the age of five. The root of heavy metal music had a big influence on his songwriting since the beginning of his musical career. As an early teenager he wrote heavy metal songs for his band were he was the frontman. In the Year 1995 he was discovered by the German jazz musician Helge Schneider. He played in his band until 1997 and from 2006 until now. Since 1998 he worked – among other theaters – at the Thalia Theater Hamburg, were he acted on stage and wrote music. Beside this he released several CDs with his band Sandro and one Album via Frontiers Records with the band Zillion (b: Jens Becker, dr: Mike Terrana). Further more he Played Guitars and wrote Songs with Michael Kiske (ex- Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome) with Supared (2003) and played on his solo Works Kiske (2006) and Past In Different Ways (2008) guitars. In the year 2012 Sandro founded the metal band Starchild. Beside this he is working on the new Solo Album of Michael Kiske and as co-songwriter for Unisonic.

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